Monday, September 22, 2014

Disscusion Posts, What?!

Hey everyone! So I've been thinking that I'd like to start doing some discussion posts, but my only problem with this idea is... I have no clue what types of topics I should talk about. I've seen many bloggers posting random discussions and I really like them, but my dilemma is, I can't think of any good topics. I know I want them to be a mixture of bookish and other general topics, but a part from that I'm stumped. This has been stewing on my mind for a while. I even have an idea of what I'll call these little posts (hint: It's written in the photo above).

So this is where I'll need your help. Give me some ideas. Anything. This is just as much for you as it is for me. Topics of what you would like me to randomly discuss, things you'd be interested in hearing my thoughts on, maybe even some kind of meme goodness. I think that sounds like fun. So let's brainstorm together. I'd really like to do more with my blog and I think these discussion posts will help get it to where I want it to be. Plus I feel it just makes everything a bit more personal, don't you agree? So speak up! You know I love hearing from y'all. Don't be shy. Bounce around ideas with me. I'm sure that will make this whole experience a lot more entertaining.


  1. I always like bookish discussion posts where people also put a personal spin in it, like topics as DNF and then you tell why you do/don't DNF.

    1. I'm gonna need to find some ideas of different kinds of bookish topics to write about. I definitely want to make the discussions as diverse as possible. But I think your DNF idea is a great place to start for sure! I already have an idea of where I can start with that. Haha! :D


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