Saturday, February 21, 2015

Love-A-Thon: Mini Challenge | One Can Only Quote

It's the last challenge of the Love-a-thon for today guys! A mini challenge actually. And I'm supposed to share some of my favorite quotes. So, here I go!

There are so many more I wanted to post but I ran out of time!! Shame on me. 


  1. What is the first quote from? I love it! And YAY LOTR! I used a Frodo quote in mine too. :) I have Perks sitting on my table waiting for me! I hope I can get to it soon...

    1. Isn't that a great quote! Oh I love it so much it sends shivers down my back. It's a quote from The Shatter Me series; Ignite Me to be exact. So many great quotes throughout that entire series. Such beautiful writing. And Perks is one of my favorite books! It's beautiful and moving and adorable and just all around brilliant!
      LOTR/The Hobbit makes the world a brighter place. Lol


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